Have you ever felt like everyone was against you ?


It all started when i moved out. My father in law didnt want us (husband and i) to move out so he basically told our personal business to the extended family that live nearby. So family members excluded me even more( before they were cordial with me).

Then i moved into an apartment and we didn’t really have much furniture so its basic in here, just a bed and kitchen supplies. So it gets a little boring here.

My mother in law comes to help, and because i told her nicely that my husband usually puts his clothes away, she got pissed and basically threatened me. She said she was going to tell everybody and even my family. That i am a bad wife that i dont cook and this and that. She literally crushed me. Instead of yelling i walked away from her because i did my best to not disrespect her.

Im happy my husband defended me but now he wont say a word to me at all

I dont have my family here they live another state and im 30 weeks pregnant.

I feel like i dont have anyone.

Mind you i finished unpacking all my things earlier this week, i cleaned my apartment today and i cooked also finished all my homework yesterday. I do a lot here, im not who they say i am.

Just has anyone ever felt like this. Theres more to the story if you do comment/share ill tell you more.

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