9 DPO Symptoms! Any idea is great ☺

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Just looking to see if anyone has had a similar experience.

I'm currently 9 DPO, I took a test today and it was negative (of course). I've been cramping and having some back aches/cramps for almost 24 hours now. This feeling is usually what I get when I get my period. I'm also very bloated and completely turned off by food, I ate a pretty big lunch, and ever since I've just felt disgusted if I felt the need to eat.

My CM is thick and white, but not super sticky, it's kind of like glue but not sticky, it's weird. I'm kind of wondering if it's old semen from yesterday, but usually it's still creamy if it's old semen.

So has anyone experience this? Could the cramping be implantation and if so when should I test next (I mean, I'll prob test tomorrow regardless cause I'm a poas addict). Any help is great! 🤗