My Birth story!


It all started on Monday November 13th I had a drs apt at 4:45pm. I went to the Dr and my blood pressure was very high 170/90 (my blood pressure is usually 120/60) dr tells my bf and I that we should go home and get our hospital bag bc he wants us to go to the hospital to get admitted so he can induce labor. We get to the hospital around 6pm they set me up in a delivery room and insert cervidil. Within the hour of having the cervidil my water breaks all over the bed. I call for the nurse and they can't believe how fast I was progressing. I go 6 more hours with no pain meds and get checked every 2 hours for how many cm I've dilated to. By the 6th hour I am at 4 cm in active labor the dr was very happy at this point. The next hour or so I started to face extremely bad back pain to the point that I couldn't breathe. I called for the nurse and ended up getting an epidural. A few hours later the dr comes in and checks me again I am at 5cm 100% thinned but he wouldn't drop down into the birth canal. The Dr decided to have me wait more time to see if he would drop down on his own. By this point I am now 26 hours into labor and feeling chills and a bit feverish. I ring the bell for the nurse again and told her how I didn't feel well and I wanted to speak to the dr. My dr comes in and checks me again and again no change from 5cm and he still didn't drop. Dr suggested we wait another hour to see if he would drop down but I felt so feverish that I told the dr I would just prefer to have him taken out at this point and omit the risk of getting him sick with anything. So at 2:00am on November 15th o get prepped for a c section. They wheel me in and the bf is next to me they start working and the dr tells me ok you're going to feel like there's an elephant on your chest (boy he wasn't kidding) he pushes on my stomach and I hear a pop and then I hear a loud cry and out comes my handsome little man at 2:45am weighing 8lbs 15oz and 21 inches long. After everything was said and done with the c section the dr told me that his head was turned sideways in the birth canal and he would have never came out vaginally and I did the right thing by making that call. I'm so glad that he is out and he is happy and healthy. Welcome to the world my handsome Declan Alexander 💙