wedding baby drama

Jenni • Married and Currently Pregnant with Baby #1

I just got married to my high school sweetheart, and we have been TTC since college about 2 years ago. It hasn't happened yet and I've had a miscarriage so babies are a touchy subject with me. Well at our wedding his older brothers fiancee has the balls to come up and tell me since he proposed to me first, we got married first, found our career first and in general have our life together we need to wait and let her have a baby first. Like seriously, that's what you want your wedding advice to be?!? The kicker is this woman just had gastric bypass so she can't get pregnant for 2 years due to the health risk, why should I have to wait? I didn't know how to respond so I got defensive and told her if being first was so important then she could be the first to get I feel Like that may have been too much. Should I apologize?