advice needed


okay so my boyfriend and I are very religious practicing Christians. with that being said his family is not and the dynamics of his family are odd to me because they are different culturally to me. he is currently living with his cousin and his cousin's wife who I already have reservations about because they are openly atheist, however, he doesn't have another choice at the moment. His cousin's wife came in the living room yesterday while we were watching a movie and started telling us about these crystals, pendants, protection candles, and a bunch of things we do not agree with due to our religion. She tried to explain these things to us while we were trying to get her to stop the conversation and she even tried to get us to touch the crystals. I desperately want to help him move out but I don't know how to do that or where he would move. there's really no way to talk to her because she bought it already and now it's all over the house but luckily not his room. what do I do?