Is it just me?


Is it just me or do husbands have the innate ability to completely piss their wives off, with very little effort? I take pried in my calm, relaxed nature but damn, my husband irritates me 😃. I can be on the phone for all of 5 mins and wanna knock him out. He likes to be right and even when he's not here, he acts like his word is bond and I'm some invalid. I told him that the house is cold, yes the heat is on but maybe I need to turn it up because it's been raining and glumy out since last night. He goes, "that's because you don't listen and pull the curtains to let the sun in", hmm. There wasn't any sun, it's been nasty out and the only room the curtains aren't pulled in is our bedroom. His response to that was "I'm sure it wasn't dark all day, the sun must've came out once" at this point, I'm done talking. It's like he only hears what he's saying and I'm I gave up..onse