Help!!! 🗣

Amaiya • Mother of one. Student. 🦋 R.i.p my twins 6/9/2019 ❤️ August 2021 ✨

Hello ladies, I need help..

On Tuesday I had brown creamy discharge , when I woke and went to the bathroom and it lasted all day.

On Wednesday, it was very light and then finally went away that day.

On Friday: It was creamy and light brown like this..

And then it went away.

Now it's Saturday and I was fine until just now and this stretchy snot like glob came out ... I'm not sure what this is and it doesn't have a smell or anything . I'm not irritated , no burning or itching .

What can this be ?? I'm not actually sure when I ovulated but I think it was earlier . Glow put my ovulation date as November 11. I usually ovulate around day 15 . I am now on cycle day 25 and my period is due according to glow, on next Friday.


So I'm still having this stretchy CM. 😩 Idk what to think !!! I was fine all day until now .