Share your love/marriage story!!


Me and hubby had so much going after he proposed, 2 weeks before the engagement his sister passed and that put us at a loss of words! A few months pass and my family tell me I no longer can be with him no more because my mother noticed they didn’t come from high class. I grew up with in a very high maintenance home my mother was a biologist a my father had a masters in engineering. So they saw that as the first take they can get. Basically either them or him which was so unfair because we were so madly in love. At the time I was only 20, still in med school and just wanted to be with him any type of way and with my family being back bone with school and funds and all that. I didn’t want to disappoint them. So another few months pass and I get call saying my then fiancé got injured and is rushed to the hospital. I was in heart ache and disbelief. My family at that time were so caught up in their feelings, didn’t consider mine. He had extreme damage to his tibia and fibula and has to stay in a wheel chair. Family still didn’t let me see him. So it became a war— the craziest time of my life. My mom calling his mom his mom calling mine his sister calling my family and telling them let you’re daughter leave our son alone so much pain at that moment. So i couldn’t anymore after 6 months of not seeing each other, No more of anyone making anymore decisions for me, we loved each other so much we would even sneak to see each other. He would wait out for me everyday after college for hrs just to see each other mind you, he was still in a wheel chair. I had it at that point we went to our nearest court room and got married. So I took a pic of the marriage certificate and sent it to my mom. She was furious. She cancelled me out her life and my whole family’s for a whole yr until I had my daughter in 2013. After 7 yrs of craziness I graduated med school got my degree, had 2 kids while doing it. Husband had over 8 surgery’s on both legs and thankfully god blessed us and got him up and walking again. The love of my life my true love story. I love you baby!!!