Hate my MIL!

Long story short, is it bad to say I don’t ever want to forgive or apologise to MIL after she’s insulted me? We had a heated argument because I’m sick and tired of her bitching and slagging me off to my partner! I had to bite my tongue but she deliberately texts him stuff knowing I’m THERE. Childish right?

Last night my partner said to be the “better” person and apologise even though I’m not sorry and I don’t ever wish to say sorry to her ever. She’s decided to screenshot all our texts and everything I’ve said to back myself up and sent it to the whole family her side so they’ve turned against me but haven’t heard my side or seen the texts she sent my partner about me (childish right?) only because I will not allow someone to slate me off all the time. Treat others how you’d like to be treated right? So I sent her messages how I felt and how wrong she is for telling my own partner how I wasn’t raised properly for sticking up for myself! I hit a nerve of hers clearly only because she threatened to try get my family involved which has nothing to do with them, as well as threatening to turn up to their homes when they would tell her where to stick it. I got so angry so yeah I told her to stop acting like a 12 year old and grow the fuck up. I said she’s banned from coming anywhere near my place and my family’s because she banned me from hers. Ha.

So last night my partner knows how much I despise her and how angry I am in the inside still after everything she’s said, but for me to apologise and be a better person when I refused and said no I won’t apologise until she would. he told me she’s too stubborn and won’t apologise.. I explained to him how its funny how every one of his brothers girlfriends have had problems with her, yet it’s a different matter only because they’ve got kids so they’re more of a priority.. I’m refusing to apologise to her. Cause I’m not sorry, but my partner had a chat with her to see if we can come to an agreement (btw my partners pressuring me to do it for him) yet she sat there and said that “she doesn’t deserve an apology, so no” and I said to him how rude and how much of a disgusting attitude she’s got that’s why I don’t want too! But hey least goes to show that she thought I was willing to do it (even though I wasn’t)

Would you apologise to your MIL? Or let her come to you eventually, I told my partner she’ll have nothing to do with our child in future or me or my home until she apologises. Other than that, she isn’t hearing from me at all.

Advices I’m doing the right thing? Cause my partner doesn’t think so and thinks I should. 😂