Drunk and need advice


half drunk now but my boyfriend has been sketchy in our conversation over video call.

he asked me this scenario "lets say you me and another guy are hanging out and he has feelings for you, what is a manly approach for him to steal you" basically...


I didn't really know what that meant.

it was a out of the blue vibe

but I explained that couldn't be possible but he was really digging for an answer? so I told him if the guy really liked me enough id like for him to approach me in private, tell me how he feels, and if I decline then... he needs to be a man and move on.

that didn't seem to be the answer he wanted but we changed the convo and he just,asked me a bunch of "brain picking" questions ...

eventually he brought up this girl who he hadn't spoken to in awhile that he met on an airplane years ago that just added him on messenger that he says is super beautiful blah blah

who just so happens to be in a relationship


so was he low-key trying to pick advice off me on how to steal this girl

or am I tripping .