FR Test Question


I used to use Glow a couple years ago when TTC for so many years... Ended up being a hormone imbalance due to gluten... Anyways we have not been using birth control for about over half a year for my youngest is 15 months a s we would like one more. Just started back on my GF diet tbis last cycle and feeling some early symptoms but its still about three days out or so from AF. I know FR changed their tests back from the curved handle (prob due to complaints) are they still having high gray/faint lines?? I see the lines on this faintly (right at 3 mins and pic at about 6) but coming from a hard to conceive mommas eyes, I know what to look for. I'm pretty sure this is not a positive BTW.... Just clarifying the FR test downfalls as we start TTC again. TIA!!