Always gone


My boyfriend and I have a one and a half year old daughter. I work part time and him full time. He watches her three mornings a week while I work and my mom the other two. Other than that though, he really doesn’t do anything else for her. If I’m home, I am I charge of everything baby. He never takes her out of the house, never bathes her, never puts her to bed or wakes up with her. I do all this plus working 25 hrs a week. He works until 8 most days but finishes early twice a week. Up until recently, and after many fights, he has made an effort to come home within two hours of finishing work. There has been improvements but out latest fight is about this weekend. Every Sunday he goes running on the mountain near our place. It takes him all morning. Like 4-5 hours. And this after sleeping in til 8-9 when I’m up at 530-6 with baby. Well today he told me he has to go out with him mom this afternoon so iwas like,’okay so you will be gone all

Day? While I’m

Home w baby? Like can’t you make a concession somewhere? i don’t want to tell him what to do or what not to do but in my mind, either wake up early and spend some time with us or don’t go running or wtv find Some time somewhere to give me a moment to myself or at least just be with us so it’s not all on he argues that I go to yoga but when I go, it’s an hour and a half I’m gone and then he takes all afternoon to nap and do his own thing.

I don’t understand how come he doesn’t see that he’s being selfish. He says I just want things my way when really I just want more support. Am I wrong here??