About 2 months ago I made some drastic changes to my life. We moved, I got a new job. I stopped stringently checking my CM and fertile windows. I drank coffee again and did what I wanted.

About 4 days ago my boobs felt fuller, heavier and sooo goddamn sore. AF was late but I convinced myself I was miscalculating because I couldnā€™t face the pain of more disappointment. Took a test this morning to just confirm to myself that I am NOT ....... then....

šŸ‘«My SO is over the moon, said heā€™s gonna bring me breakfast in bed and do anything that I needšŸ˜… Heā€™s excited.. Iā€™m still in shock!

This is after 1.5 years of trying. Iā€™d just 3 weeks ago spoken to my GP about beginning fertility testing.

I really hope this sticks!!! šŸ¤žšŸ¼