Idk how to date 😳


Please don't judge lol. I have been in and out of relationships ever since freshman year of high school and I'm a freshman in college now. I'm single! I'm excited!! I just don't know how to go on dates!!!

I downloaded tinder and met some very nice people on it. Never in person. Idk the idea of going to meet a stranger is scary to me.

And my friends are either in long term relationships or don't like to go out. So I've never really had the experience of going out with anyone! 😣

My last bf was really cheap and I had to pay for most of his stuff as well as my own, so I'd like to be taken out on a date where I wouldn't have to worry about that all the time. (I'm not against splitting the bill but also it'd be really nice to be paid for ya feel)

I also live in a small town, about a 45 minute drive to a big city

I guess what I'm asking is how do you:

1) get a date

2) feel comfortable going out with a stranger

3)just any tips or advice at all!

I really want to have a fun time and casually date, and having never done that before I'm just really confused lol