Is it okay to be with someone older and from a different culture than me?

Okay so I am an 18 year old girl, I'm in college and ready get my life started. My boyfriend is Chinese but has been living in the US since he started High School. He is 30 years old. That's a 12 year age gap, I know lots of people are against such an age gap, lots of people even seem hesitant since he's Chinese, but I genuinely love him.

He is so sweet and romantic and respectful, I can really see myself with him. He wants to get married after he gets permission from my parents, he also wants us to have kids but I told him I want to finish College first (He agreed that I should chase my dreams, and supports my decision.)

My only question is do you think this relationship will work out? Is there anyone here with experience from similar relationships that could offer me their advice?

Thanks Y'all 😊

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