Can’t stand my husband

Well I guess I just need somewhere to vent. I pretty much can’t stand the existence of my husband. The only reason I haven’t filed for divorce is because I don’t want to share custody of my newborn baby! The only reason. We have been together for so long but I’m done. We don’t agree with anything and oh forgot to mention he cheated on me while I was pregnant!! Oh and it was the second time. I found out he cheated 6 years after he did it. The first time was before we were married but I found out 6 years later while we were married. I was devastated but boy did he play me and convince me it was a mistake and my stupid naive ass believed him so I gave him a second chance. Well then 3 years later after finding out I’m pregnant and I found out while I’m 5 months pregnant from his mistress that he cheated yet AGAIN while I was pregnant. Oh and didn’t even use protection!! And when I found out about it I was so upset I ended up in the hospital!! I’m so disgusted with him and don’t see him the same way anymore!!

Sorry for the long post but all the ladies on here who posts about their men cheating... best advice GET THE HELL OUT! Do not believe he won’t do it again! 9 Times out of 10 they will. It’s a very rare, small percentage that truly make a mistake and won’t do it again. I thought my husband was that guy. Boy was I wrong. After seeing what he’s capable of, I don’t even know who he is. Sure had me fooled for the last 18 years!! I put up with so much. Only good thing for staying is my child. Now it sucks bc I can’t go on living like this anymore for my child and now I have to split custody of my child with a man who clearly didn’t care about her or me! Sorry just having a really hard day and feeling so alone. I’m so depressed and angry!!


I don’t want him not involved. What I mean by not wanting to share custody is I don’t want to miss holidays or nights with my baby because of him. I def want him involved for her just don’t want to miss time with her because of split custody.