My TTC journey


On May 16, i took out my Mirena after 3 and a half years. My period returned that month, but for only two days. the next 3 months, my period was light but every month was a little bit heavier or a day longer than the last month. After 6 months of TTC i got my BFP!!!! i feel so lucky and blessed and just wanted to share my little story! this past month the only thing i did different was forget about TTC. i stopped tracking everything, no more OPK's, no more pre seed. i stopped stressing about getting pregnant! i was literally making myself go crazy. i BD a couple days before ovulation week and a day or so before i usually ovulate. didnt use opk so dont know the exact day. i hope maybe something in this post will help someone..

top preg test was 8DPO. second was 9 DPO. in second picture both tests were taken 10 DPO at 3pm.

Good luck to everyone TTC and try not to stress or obsess. i know i did lol