Anyone else not doing a nursery?

Lockwood 💆🏽 • Mom of 5 amazing kiddos

Don’t get me wrong, they are adorable but we don’t find them particularly useful. Our kids spend at least the first year in the room with us and when they finally do transition, it’s to a twin sized bed in their own room. We don’t do the standard nursery furniture either. We don’t get a changing table (baby can be changed on any flat surface, including a lap in a pinch), we don’t do cribs (we bed share), nor a rocker (I can rock baby without one), and we also don’t do a ton of clothing (babies grow so fast that 85% of what’s purchased doesn’t even get worn.). These are things that I did do with our oldest but quickly learned that many things aren’t needed. So we save ourselves the money and hassle. Anyone else?