I can't do this anymore!


I went to go let my dog out of her kennel as she sleeps in it during the night, I opened the door to see she wasn't moving.. I shook her, I called her name over and over again. She was breathing but not responding. She was in such bad shape she was laying in her own poop and pee. I called the vet and rushed her there, I ran through the front doors balling my eyes out begging for help. The receptionist stayed on the phone, she didn't even look at me. My bf said this is an emergency my dog is dying we need help. She said give me a minute after she was done her call she started giving us attitude and 4 other workers walked past us not even looking at our dog. I stormed out with my almost lifeless dog and sped to another vet once we got there she was hooked up to an IV and oxygen right away.. but they already couldn't save her. She died today. 😭💔 I cannot believe how I was treated and how my dying dog was treated. it took us over 45 minutes to get my princess help, the first vet did nothing, they didn't even take 30 seconds out of their day to look at her to see how bad of shape she was in. This shouldn't of happened ! I can't take this pain, I already lost my baby boy now princess! no no no. this is a nightmare. I can't breath I've been crying all day and I'm furious with how we were treated. the owner of the clinic laughed while we talked to him. Like WTF! I'm torn to no end. 😭😭😭