my long and traumatic birth story.

i went to my 37 week appointment. I had a pilonidal cyst and was gonna have my doctor drain it this time. those things hurt like crazy. Well when they took my blood pressure at the office it was 134/86 and she told me I had protein in my urine so she told me to head over to the hospital to have a nst done and she was gonna drain the cyst and send me home. she came to the hospital and my blood pressure kept going up because I was nervous so she went ahead and admitted me for a 24 hour protein check. she then comes back into my room and tells me my blood pressure was just getting worse so she was going to go ahead and induce me. I called my husband and told him to leave work and that we were gonna have a baby. so my doctor comes back in and tells me they are going to give me an epidural after they insert the pill into my cervix to help my blood pressure. once I got the epidural I could still move my legs. they felt heavier but I could still move. i started to get contractions the next day around 12 and they started hurting really bad so she broke my water and ordered another epidural and this time I couldn't feel a thing. went to sleep until about 5 and they told me I could start pushing. turns out my son wouldn't come down any further. so she said I would have to do a c section and my blood pressure jumped to 210/180. they did the c section and my son came out at 9 lbs and 21 inches long at 6:04 pm on September 13th. I woke up in recovery feeling awful. they took me back to my room and got me cleaned up and i started bleeding really bad. the nurse got annoyed and told me I had just had a baby and I was going bleed. I told her something wasn't right so she came and checked me and I had already soaked everything with blood in 3 minutes. she started pulling clots out of me and pushing on my stomach for about 15 minutes until my husband told her to call my doctor. I was passing out by the time my doctor got there and she knocked me out and went and got the clots out of me. by the time I woke up the next day I was on my 4th blood transfusion. It was a terrible experience. I labored for 27 hours and almost bled to death but would do it all over again for my baby. he was perfectly healthy and happy. by the time I got to hold him his daddy already learned how to swaddle him and change diapers. my son is now 10 weeks old and almost 17 pounds and the most perfect baby anyone could ask for.