Husband Appreciation Post!!!

Katherine • Married 7.3.12 to HSSH! 2 Schnauzers. Mommy to Alfred Liam born 7.5.18!!! Elliott Daniel due 8.5.20!!

Is the best!!! I’ve been throwing up quite a bit the last few days and he has been there holding my hair and rubbing my back. He keeps saying “my seed is strong!” To make me laugh. Has gotten me countless things to help the nausea. Then today, he needed a new suit for doing business and work and (he hates shopping on his own) managed to navigate the mall on Black Friday none the less, and surprised me with new comfy slippers, pajama pants, a zip up hoody (with room to grow!) and tai tea and pho to go from my favorite restaurant!!! This man! He is such a sweet heart! He said he had more fun finding my presents than he did finding his suit! He wants nothing thing more than me to be comfy and healthy for our tiny one! So very thankful for him, and to God for placing him in my life nearly 10 years ago!