Feeling trapped! Don't know what to do

I'm at a stay at home mom to a 10 month old. Her dad works & we had my mom move in with us because she was alone & I thought it would be good to have the extra help. I've been thinking about getting a part time job or finishing school & it seems as though everytime I bring up this idea to my SO it's shot down with "Who's going to watch the baby?" Or "I will not allow you to leave the baby with anyone" My mom knows all my daughters cues & cries & does everything I do. Today I was called in for an interview at a retail store to work perfect hours just weekends during mornings & afternoons &

It is close by our house & again it was shot down with "It doesn't make sense", "We don't need whatever you're going to be bringing in" I just want a few hundred dollars a week to myself, I haven't pampered myself once or even went out since I found out I was pregnant & I feel depressed because I look like I'm letting myself go! I just turned 22 & day in & day out I'm home. I don't have any friends & I feel like everyday I wake up there is just nothing to look forward to except obviously my amazing daughter but I just can't take this anymore 😥 It would nice to have money so that I can go shopping for my baby while SO is working or go to an attraction or eat lunch somewhere anything except being in this house! Everything is no, no, & no. Meanwhile hell do anything to get out of the house he hates being bored & having nothing to do. If he is not working he always has to find something to do or somewhere to go. Now he's planning on finishing college & making all these plans that I had first & it was turned down.