This is my month ladies!!! TTC....again....


We have been trying for going on 8 months. This is OUR month because I say so!!!! We have had 1 mc (march 2016) then an ectopic (June 2016) removed right tube along with baby. I’m declaring I will be pregnant!! My fertile window starts in 2 days. We had sex a couple nights ago and skipped a couple days because of the holidays and being crazy busy and utterly exhausted. But tonight.... whoa girl tonight we had amazing sex. Of course we did other things and he said he almost couldn’t hold back and wait for the sex part and I said “well that’s not how you make babies so...” lucky for me we both had a great time and we are praying for that baby dust to grab hold. Keep us in your prays. We have 3 children total 1 (daughter) is his from a previous relationship and the other 2 (boys) are mine from my last relationship. Been married for 2 years now and we want a baby together. It’s been extremely hard since we got pregnant two separate times together right after we were married and then lost them both. I want my baby girl and to experience this with someone I love dearly.


I hope to be pregnant and find out right before Christmas so I can tell him I’m a Christmas gift.

Ps gift idea is : some baby related and then also his favorite video game (the only game he plays) is skate 3. I told him he could have that game when I finally get pregnant lol so we both get what we want haha