Ok so I need help guys cuz im not sure what to do I’ll take every any any advice given...So it all starts I was dating a guy for 2yrs that I now have a beautiful baby boy to and who I really was truly in love with and down for as much as he says and thinks I wasn’t even though I tried to show him everyday he would always come up with a reason to say how I didn’t truly love or care for him (i mean I was so down at the time that I was willing to leave everything I knew and even my family at the time to go run off and get married glad we didn’t go through with it) anyways well about 3 or 4 months ago I broke things off with him(I had my reasons and found out some thing I truly almost couldn’t believe after i broke up with him) so all in all I can say it was probably the best decision for me during that time of being with my now ex I had met this other guy through a job training thing he added me on social media and so forth and we had like a couple conversations via social media btw he this guy knew I was dating my ex and that we had a son together so they were just a couple friendly conversations and not much of anything really.......well about maybe a month or so ago that guy I met at the job training messaged me via social media again and we started talking and having more conversation and eventually exchanged numbers an we’ve been talking a lot lately and even had a few flirty conversations and even a sexual conversation a time or two and I’m really starting to feel a connection to this guy ( I think I really like him) and he’s expressed his feeling of how he feels about me as well (he feels the same) but we haven’t talked about being in a relationship or anything even though the other day asked how I felt about trying to be in a relationship again and mind u I try to be an open person which I said to him and I told him Id be open to it because I’m the type of person who wouldn’t wanna potentially miss out on something that may be meant for me but what I really trying to get at is a couple weeks before I broke thing off with my ex I found out I’m pregnant again it was totally unplannned and an accident something I honestly wasn’t ready for but I could never see myself give up a child in any kind of way but back to the point..... I really wanna tell the guy I’m taking to now about it but I’m not really sure I should do it now or wait and see if things turn towards a relationship I mean I feel like I can be open with him and tell him I mean hell I want to because I don’t want him to feel like I was trying to hid it or lie or anything it’s just I’m so confused!!! That’s y I need help it’s like I wanna tell him so bad to get it out of the way but also not sure if it the right time!!! Please help me!!!

Update: omg omg guys I told him and I was so nervous and scared I was literally feeling slightly nauseous waiting for his response but he was understanding but also open about how he felt about it but he said even though he felt the way he did he didn’t want wha we have going to change either and then called me and we had a good hr long convo talked and laughed until he got sleepy it made me feel so much better and I’m so happy things with us won’t be affected!! 😊