First time🤦🏾‍♀️

Ok so firstly my boyfriend told me to meet him somewhere so we could “get to work”

and I️ did Because I️ really wanted him and he especially wanted me so when we got there he couldn’t wait he just got straight into it but we did talk thoroughly before this night ... so he got on top of me and said how do you want me to do it and I️ say slow because I️ already know it’s gonna hurt a lot! (Can’t use tampons because it hurts)( I’ve never even masturbated ) so he’s on top of the area and I️ try my hardest to calm myself and he goes slowly but it hurts like hell!!! I️ kept telling him to stop and he did but I️ knew he was really annoyed because I️ kept kicking him even though he stopped 🤷🏾‍♀️ but he kept trying everything and it was nothing but PURE PAIN the most he got was the tip in even then I️ couldn’t describe the pain in a trillion words / I️ knew people always said their first time hurt but I️ had absolutely no expectation to be in sever hospital type pain from this shit🤦🏾‍♀️ especially since he was big it just wasn’t going to work out

After like 30 minutes of desperately trying to penetrate fully, we both stopped, he didn’t want to because he really wanted to be my first but I️ was so ready to just lay down and sleep because I’ve been through a lot so far so eventually we stopped and did other things... but I️ was still really disappointed that’s how things went. Even though it did he was so sweet and gentle and amazing and he treated me like a delicate flower the entire night which I️ thought was pretty cute....🙄

I’m not excited for the next time he wants to meet up but truly since I️ realized how badly it hurts I’m just so ready to get it over with and done with. That’s everything 😁 ***FOREPLAY WAS INVOLVED***