Fiancée no longer wants kids just his dogs

This is most likely the wrong group to post in but I’m just so upset and need to vent. Been with my fiancée two yrs engaged one year. Today is our start date Anniversary. He went to work never said Happy Anniversary just said make sure you take care of the dogs. We have seven dogs. We got two puppies male and female two months after we started dating. Well they had puppies ten of them which we ended up keeping five. Puppies are now almost a year old. He’s been promising me from the beginning he’d find them homes. Well people are interested then he says he doesn’t want to part with them. He told me with his job as a kitchen manager not being stable we couldn’t afford a baby but yet he rather keep 7 dogs. I already had two cats prior to him moving in with me. In my city the limit is 5 pets including cats dogs and pigs. The house is under my name if someone calls animal control I’ll be the one in trouble not him. In the beginning he always said he couldn’t wait to have a baby with me. He has no kids we’re both 33. I have two boys ages 8 and 13 from my previous marriage. I’m sorry for ranting I know pets are part of the family. But to him it’s all about his dogs. We’ve argued in the past about it he says my kid gives us more problems than all seven dogs. He’s even said in the past he’ll move out with all his dogs when I told him to choose between me and the dogs.