Please read if your struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night


My son is now 11 months old and from the day he was born he has never slept well. We tried everything you can possibly think of. We tried calming time, soft music, white wash sounds, night light, main light on dimmed, routine you name it we tried it. I have been getting 3 - 4 hours sleep a night. He would not sleep much more then 2 x 20 minute naps during the day. I was at my wits end, emotionally and pysically drained. Then the other night he was getting his legs stuck in the cot bars so as a last resort to stop him from hurting himself i put a cot bumper on the cot. Weaved it in and out the bars so he couldn't pull it on himself. I am not a fan of cot bumpers if honest even the breathable ones. Well since i have used the bumper the whole way around his cot my son has gone to bed in his cot with no screaming at all not even a single tear and gone to sleep in seconds, sleeping until morning with no fussing. He is scared of the gaps or cot bars. Something so simple cost me 11 months of sleepless nights feeling like a zombie and feeling unwell from no sleep. Check your cot your baby may be the same and not like the bars. This never once dawned on me i honestly thought he hated the dark or the room. I am not stating bumpers are bad in any way at all i am just not a fan of them personally. I prefer nothing in the cot or attached to it. I have a top baby monitor with a sensor so the monitor will go off if my son moves out of the safe zone and gets too close to the bumper/sides. I hope you will find the answer like we did and get some much needed sleep soon.

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