cio method


my son is 9 months old he wakes every half hour and barely naps. no matter what I do he doesn't want to sleep without me. at night he's constantly nursing and after he wakes once in his crib he won't go back in he will only go back to sleep if he is in the bed with me nursing him. I lay down and nurse him but I don't get any sleep because it's so uncomfortable for me to nurse laying down and the latch gets all screwed up I'm pregnant and I really don't think I should be losing anymore sleep plus when the new baby comes this whole nursing in bed can't happen. I have officially exhausted all options trying to get him to sleep, nothing at all is working so I'm turning to the cio method. my husband kept telling me he needs it and I knew he needed it too I just didn't want to do it. but anyway now that I'm doing it my husband is still on board for it and wants me to fully commit to it and I want to as well. but nobody who I live with supports me on this and my husband is starting to feel bad for the baby so now he discourages me about it (not purposely) he just feels so bad. I feel bad too and it bothers me so much I have no support and no one to talk to. I feel like I'm breaking and I have no other options and I don't want to ruin this i want my son to get sleep and me to get some sleep as well. I feel l9st and kind of hurt that my only support has bailed on me because he feels bad.