How would you feel?

Okay... so to make this novel short. I broke up with my bf/best friend. We grew up with each other, so our gas/water was cut off. We both had just enough to cover what we owed but was just 90$ short. So he's mad, remind you the gas got cut off bc of him but that's besides the point. So I text my mom & brother if they had. He got tired of waiting I guess, so I'm just like what's your plan? He says your not going to like it & ended texting his ex (the one he was still talking to when we first dated, had over the house when I was at school, like the bad & the ugly) tbh I wasn't angry, probably bc I wasn't shocked , but what pissed me off he tried to turn it on my & said he's tired of me throwing his past In his face, but to be fair you still keep your past mixed in with your present.... he wants to get back together of course! But he feels like he can help me with my healing process but he can't be he's the causes of why I'm like this. I'm I trippin?

Also there's a lot more behind this again this is just a summary.