Stay the same or change?!?!?

So the picture above is me currently, but I’m really looking to change my hair up a bit. The picture below is what I really want to do with it. I’ve always been one that likes to change my hair styles up because I just don’t like it staying the same. Since I got with my boyfriend I’ve left it the same for a year now. I haven’t cut it I haven’t dyed it I’ve just left it alone. I did that because he wanted me to. Now I’ve got the notion to dye my hair and he says if I do he’s not going to think I’m at beautiful then as I am now. Is that to much or is that a normal guy thing? I’m honestly kinda scared he really won’t like it. But then again I really want to do it. Either way it’s getting done, he’ll either like it or he doesn’t but the whole thing makes me nervous.