TTC - Baby #1

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Hello! I am 20 years old, my fiancé is 21 years old. We have been TTC for Baby #1 for about 4-5 months now. According to glow my ovulation day was supposed to be on 11/24, but I am almost positive I ovulated on the 20th because I had EWCM (have pictures below TMI), then had more on the 21st. My periods are ‘irregular’ in July I had a 24 day cycle, August I had a 28 day cycle, September I had a 22 day cycle, October I had a 27 day cycle, and this last period I had a 24 day cycle. I have a picture below of how this months chart is looking. I just have a few questions. Should I go by my Mucus since my periods are iffy, or should I go by Glow? According to Glow my period would be due December 8th if my cycle was 28 days long. But if I ovulated on the 20th, wouldn’t my periods be due around December 4th or 5th? If I ovulated on 11/20, wouldn’t I be 6 DPO right now, if so when could I be able to test? I’m just so confused, and we really want a baby! Thank you in advance!!

This was on 11/20, right before we BD.

This was on the 21st, wasn’t able to BD 😏