I'm Selfish For Going Out

Jacqueline • Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree Holder 🎓3.97 GPA🤓Certified Debater🗣Mommy Of One☝🏽

I'm probably annoying right now but when somebody says something to me, it sticks with me. Long story short, my birthday is 2 days before Christmas. My mom has accused me of being selfish for wanting to celebrate my birthday simply because she needs to Christmas shop the day after. I always make sure that when she has my child, he's sleep before I go out. I went out last year to a bar...was home by 2 am...she had a fit and claimed I'm selfish for going out on my birthday. This year, I haven't made any plans besides saying I want dinner. My best friend will be in town after not seeing her for two years and I feel guilty either way it goes. I don't go out... I'm cheating myself. If I do, my mother screams and yells. Am I wrong for thinking I should be able to enjoy the day of my birthday like everybody else and how they get to?

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