is what I'm doing the "crying it out" method?


first and foremost, I'm not trying to do the cry it out method. maybe it works for some parents, but it's not necessarily for us, and I'm afraid it'll send the wrong message. But I do notice that when I'm trying to put my 3 month (nearly 4 months) old down to sleep, sometimes she does this very weak eehh cry. And I don't pick her up. not right away. I know she's tired and wants to sleep, and this cry is not a demand or a high pitch. just an ehh. if it goes on too long I console her, but I noticed if I pick her up it just wakes her up. is this the cry out method? is there a better way to put her to sleep? I'm trying to steer her away from nursing to sleep, since my husband can't put her to sleep like that when I'm at work. (altho don't we wish!!)