back then vs now


I didn't really know where to put this but it technically falls into lifestyles. anyway I work at an assisted living with elderly and one resident was telling me about when she was younger and I just wanted to share. the resident is about 60 or so

she was saying how she wanted to go to college when she was 18 but her dad told her "girls don't go to school they get married" so even though she wanted to go to school she found a guy and got married she was a house wife and when her dad died she went to college for three years just to prove that she/females were smart enough to go to school but never did anything with the credits she said "I knew I was smart enough so I went just to show that I could. I never did anything with the credits but it was fun going to college. I went for three years"

well that's the short story. I just think how it's changed pretty drastically from one generation to the next especially since for hundreds of years women in particular have be subservient I guess to men. I just think it's interesting hearing about the past from all my residents.