Need to vent


So about a week before my baby was born in October everything has gone downhill. My cat got fleas for the first time and it was a nightmare. It was not something I needed a week before my baby was born. Then as I was getting out of my SUV, I pulled something in my butt/hip so my big ass was waddling right before he was born. Then I gave birth naturally which wasn’t the plan at all !!!! And I seriously wasn’t prepared for all that !!! So i pretty much felt like I got hit by a bus. Then I pinched a nerve in my neck and it made my whole right side of my head throb for days i literally couldn’t function or move. Meanwhile I have a 14month old and a newborn to take care of !!! My 14month old got croup from daycare and now my newborn is sick terribly and can’t sleep at night because it’s hard to breath. I really have gotten no sleep. Things are just continuously happening where I can’t catch a break ! NOW I have food poisoning and can’t stop throwing up and going to the bathroom. Why is this happening ? I can’t say it’s karma because I’m a good person lol but I’m just really stressed and hurt physically and mentally😣 I know things can be WAY worse but I’m wondering why all this is happening at once. Let’s just say I’ve had a continually bad 6 weeks😒