I need advice.


I’ve been dating my SO for almost 6 months now. He is a wonderful boyfriend and I do love him very much. We found out we were expecting an unplanned baby in September, unfortunately I lost our baby on October 27th. It’s been especially hard on us, but we decided that we wanted to try for a baby again. Money has been tight for us. I’m a nanny and I don’t get much at all. In fact I can’t even pay all my bills, but he kept reassuring me that everything is fine. So 3 days ago our water got shut off. I asked why of course! And he says he didn’t know because he “paid” it. I try and believe what he’s saying, but I just had a gut feeling he was lying. (My gut never fails me) we have had huge fights over him not telling me the whole story before and if I even question him he goes nuts saying I don’t care about him or trust him blah blah blah. Anyway today he says he has to pay 40 bucks for a service fee to get it turned back on. He doesn’t have it until tomorrow and I say I’ll ask my mom to borrow it for a day and you can give it back to her tomorrow. He’s working so he doesn’t respond. So I call the water company to pay it...... what do they tell me?!!! It hasn’t been paid since July. And he owes 209 to turn it back on. Why would they lie to me? He’s obviously lying to me! Girls!!! I don’t want to leave him as I really do love him but he’s so not financially stable. If I move back in with my mom I’m sure it will ruin our relationship. Not to mention my mom and I only get along when we don’t live together. I’m so torn! Sorry you had to read so much, but some insight would be great!