Cervix help!!


For those of you that examine your cervix, what does a closed and open cervix feel like? I’ve tested mine a couple times now (I’m 10dpo/4 days away from period) and its high (my whole middle finger has to go in) and hard. I can’t tell if it’s open or closed though! When I feel (what I think is) my cervix, it feels more like a long boney finger. Like the tip of this “finger” is hard and further down to the “knuckle” is hard then after that it’s soft almost like I’m feeling on top of my cervix. And if I try go past that soft bit I can’t cuz my fingers aren’t long enough. So where on this description should my opening be? I can’t feel a dent anywhere! It’s almost like when I touch it, it’s like the E.T finger touch thing haha! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Tia!