OB not finding the baby’s heart beat at 11w6d


Yesterday was my appointment for an ultrasound, my OB took awhile using the Doppler and had a hard time finding the baby’s heart beat so he sent me to the hospital and I did two ultrasounds the first one I didn’t know what I was seeing on the screen I was seeing a lump that was pretty much it then the tech changed it and I seen a blue and red dot maybe the size of a penny. What does that indicate? Then she changed it real fast and we heard a heart beat but idk if that was mine or the baby’s then she changed it again, FYI this is my first pregnancy and I’m 18 lol so idk what’s going on. The tech left she came back asking if I wanted to do the transvaginal ultrasound and I said yes cause I wanted to make sure everything was okay it was pretty uncomfortable that I wasn’t able to move right to see the screen. I was hoping for her to tell me what’s going on or if the baby is alive but all she said was that she’s going to send the results to my OB. What do you guys think I just wanna know if you guys experienced this or know what the blue and red dot is? Please and Thank you