What should I do?

Danielle💁🏼‍♀️🐶🐶 • 25 yrs young, I work in a factory, I have PCOS, and I’m a dog mom of 2 🐶🐶

Alright ladies I need some serious help. I am on CD 35 about 16 dpo. Ovulation was confirmed by blood work. My progestin levels were 22.9. I’m on clomid 100 milligrams cycle day 5-9. I ovulate on cycle day 18. I kinda got into it with the drs office because they assumed I ovulated on CD 14 and would test on CD 21. I was retested on CD 26, 8 dpo since 7 Days was a Sunday. I was expected to start my period on the 3rd or 4th this month. So I’m about 2-3 days late. I know with clomid I have a 32-33 day cycle. My question is what is some advice ladies?

All test have been BFN.

Hubby and I bd on the day of O