Bf being extremely rude lately!

I’ve been with my man for over 3 years. I actually stay over at his house quite a lot since it’s close to my work & super convenient for me. He just started a new challenging job last week, which caused us to have issues. Last week was because he was stressed and we were not doing as much...for like over a week. I’ve been with him since last week and everything was good. However, this morning he texted me good morning & I texted him back. I was planning to go over tonight since I have a thing early in the morning tomorrow that’s quite a bit aways & with the CA fires going on there will be a lot of traffic. He told me he would ask his parents & let me know, & was just really sweet about everything. BACK TO THIS MORNING, I told him to let me know what’s happening & he didn’t respond for hours. I called him & no answer. Finally he texted me saying “hey sorry about that they prefer you to come tomorrow.” He never texts me like that so it was really weird & insincere. I told him to call me & he did but was out getting food. I was trying to explain why I needed to come over & what I needed to do but he legit hung up on me. I guess he got dropped off at his college & literally just texted me “I’m way too busy right now you need to figure it out”. I told him it’s urgent, as I don’t know when to leave or what I’m doing since I need to drop something off for my mom by his house. He FINALLY called me back when he was at school & was extremely rude when I asked what should I do & if I could come over. He told me yet again that I need to figure it out & it’s not his problem. It is in some way, but he just doesn’t care. He told me he would ask his parents again & let me know. So I’m sitting here at my house alone, upset & trying to write a research paper that’s due tonight.

I don’t understand how he could go from loving all week to just being straight up rude. I do understand that he’s busy & stressed, but there’s no way to treat me the way he has. It literally makes me feel worthless. I really do wish we had our own place since we’re both 21, but he lives at his parents so their house their rules. I know when I confront him about being rude, he won’t apologize & it’s sucks. What do I even do?