Telling boyfriend the truth

I have a bad past. By bad past I mean I’ve had sex with many MANY guys and kissed much more. I would cheat on my past boyfriends all the time, I was a heartbreaker. Simple. I didn’t care. BUT, I now have a boyfriend who I have been with for almost a year and I have not cheated because he completely changed me. He loves me for me and what made me fall in love was in the beginning when he told me “Whenever you’re ready to tell me about your past I’ll be here to listen, I’ll stay no matter what. I know you need someone to speak with about everything you’ve done.” And he doesn’t pressure me to tell him. He’s faithful , loving , caring, everything! His family is amazing! And I told him just yesterday on our 11 month anniversary about everything I’ve done. He cried so much and I cried with him, but he hugged me and told me everything will be better with him and that he won’t ever hurt me. God knew I was looking for someone like this and I’m grateful for him❤️