Does he actually care? 😞

Sorry in advance for the long post...

So my partner is American and works for the military. I am English and we met here in England when he was based here. We found out that I’m pregnant just before he was due to move back to the states. We were so happy and excited when we found out we are expecting.

Since he moved back it’s been very different. He told me he was unsure if he even wanted us and was very cruel in regards to how he spoke to me. He said I wanted to trap him (hello ego 🙄) and that he wouldn’t marry me incase he met someone better later that would make him regret it. Before this I had never even mentioned marriage. He also told me that his parents told him that they always thought he’d end up with someone better. They have since told me this isn’t the case. I told him to go think about what he said and decide what he really wants. He decided he does want us but was struggling with the distance and the reality that he’s going to have a child.

He convinced his parents to pay for me to visit him, claiming that seeing me would make the situation better.

Soo, now I’m here in the states with him and I feel like I should’ve stayed at home. He’s been working which is fair enough but on his first days off with me he’s watched tv and slept. I suffer with really bad anxiety so for me to travel all this way on my own is a big deal and he doesn’t appreciate that. He tells me he wants to “upgrade” me after the baby gets here with a boob job, gym membership, hair and nails done regularly etc... He sends me pictures of other girls to compare myself to and he doesn’t understand how much this hurts. He gets mad when I tell him how cruel he is. I’m at a loss right now, the only positive thing I can think of is the fact that him and his parents do very well financially. This, however, makes no difference to me though as I don’t care about money.

He’s trying desperately to get posted back in England so he can be with us permanently but I honestly don’t know if I should even be with him. I know it may seem obvious to everyone that I shouldn’t be with him but I do love him and he’s provided me with a lot. (Home repairs, food etc when I’ve been struggling for money.) Help!