do I choose love or ambition in a partner?

Okay I need some help with some boy problems. So I dated my ex-boyfriend for two years and we just recently broke up like 4ish months ago which seems like a while but weve been talking off and on ever since our breakup and we hangout off and on. I still love him a lot and he treats me perfectly but he is not ambitious at all and has a hard time keeping a job and that really bothered me and among some life style choices he has that caused our break up. I love talking to him because he is my best friend and my first real adult relationship, but, I know I should move on but I am worried if I fully let go I will never find someone who is both ambitious and has their life together who also has that emotional/loving side because I feel like most guys are one or the other. I am having a hard time really letting go but I know I want someone really ambitious and romantic but my ex keeps hitting me up and says he loves me and that he has made changes to be with me but I just feel like its too soon and I feel guilty cutting him off completely and I have tried so many times, this is my first real love and first real relationship and I do not know how to deal with this! Someone help me! We are in college if that helps with the information.