Tell me I'm not crazy 😂🙌


Honest opinions or pregnancy experiences with similar symptoms before getting a BFP. My period ended 11/15. Had unprotected sex 11/18. Last ovulation day was 11/28 (according to <a href="">EVE</a>.) On 11/29 I had like 3 drops of brown blood on the toilet paper when I wiped and a little brown discharge in my underwear a few hours after and then it went away. So not even a whole 24 hours. My period is supposed to start tomorrow/today (12/11). I've been eating like a crazy person, SO TIRED, horny, and tonight I noticed my nipples are super sore to the touch. My breasts are sore too but that's a usual PMS symptom for me. What do y'all think? Also been experiencing cramping in my lower abdomen kinda like period cramps/kinda different. I always convince myself I'm pregnant just to waist money on a test to start my period in a few days. Sorry for the lengthy post just looking for second opinions. This is my discharge after only wearing these for maybe 5 hours. NOT A YEAST INFECTION. trust me