First time mom questions!! Help!


Okay so me and my husband started our registry yesterday since many family members have been asking what products we really need for our first child (and that’s what they plan on getting us for Christmas). I just have a few questions!!

1. I picked out a travel system i love and I️t does come with an infant car seat. I know we will need an extra base for a second vehicle to snap I️t into but when will we need a convertible car seat? Should that be on our registry as well and should we purchase I️t before baby arrives?

2. I plan on using a Graco pack n play with the built in bassinet for our baby until I️ feel comfortable letting them sleep alone in their crib. Is that normal? We will have I️t in our bedroom or wherever we are at the time.

3. What bottles do you recommend? I put the Phillips avent on our registry because they seem so popular but I️m totally clueless! 🤦🏼‍♀️

4. BREAST PUMP?! We have tricare insurance. Anyone have any recommendations for the easiest way to order a breast pump? And what brand and style?

I will gladly take any other tips!! We are so blessed to have families who are willing to help us out so i want to make sure i am getting the right products! Thanks ladies!