Ruined his shirt

I just remembered of an incident that happen a little while back and was wondering what you guys think of it

So my boyfriend and I were gonna go out to eat I believe and I was washing clothes and had put them in the dryer while he showered. I’ll just jump into what made him so upset

I had accidentally washed and dried one of his shirts and I apologized for it but I could tell he was upset so instead of being in his line of fire i went downstairs and sat on the couch waiting. I could hear his frustration and told me that it doesn’t fit right anymore and that I messed it up. I was already beginning to feel upset and I said I’m sorry again. Next thing I know he throws the shirt down towards the door, I go to pick it up and place it in the couch. He eventually finds something to wear and when he comes down the stairs I can see the anger in his face.

He said something but I can’t remember and I asked where he bought it and he said H&M; and me trying to make up for it told him let’s go and see if we can find it.

I knew he wasn’t just gonna let it go and apparently that’s what he was gonna tell me to take him to the store. The whole ride there felt tense and at this point I just felt like he was being extra about it.

Once we arrive he starts looking and then tells me are you just gonna follow me or look too

So I start searching but we don’t spot it anywhere. So then we just stand towards the corner of the store and I ask what do you wanna do

Then he had the audacity to say ima need you to stop being a hoe

And I laugh (bitter laugh) and say I’m not doing anything I’m just here trying to help and he stays silent

Honestly I got angry and wanted nothing more than to walk back to my car and just see what he does but I decided to be a bigger person and just kept calm

I told him just get some things and I’ll buy them but honestly I’ve been supporting him ever since we got together so I didn’t expect him to pay with the money he does have and that’s exactly what he did. He picked out a couple shirts and maybe a sweater can’t really remember but anyways I pay for everything and go back to my car and I start driving home

And he’s still upset with me so then I’m just like whatever I apologized a hand full amount of times and bought him new items. What more could i do

We get home he stomps up the stairs and I sit on the couch

Later on he explains to me its cause he’s OCD that’s why he got so upset with me and truthfully I didn’t want hear him explain anything and then he tells me tried to be appreciative of me doing what I did but I don’t think he really did try. I was just over it and let it be

Thinking about It i get heated. Do you think I did what I could in the situation? Or was he being too much?

I would like to know your opinions