Hi all! I’m trying not to worry or stress too much. I would just like to see if anyone had any input.

I got my BFP on November 13th! I called my doc and we got my first appt. scheduled for tomorrow actually. About a week later, I threw up all day, but only for 1 day. I started getting cramps and bleeding very lightly. Last weeks Monday, I started bleeding even more (wasn’t heavy but it was bright red) and I was cramping pretty badly so I went to the ER. Got a ultrasound and blood work and was told everything was okay, my HCG levels were great, I was measuring at 5 almost 6 weeks and I had a bladder infection. I was prescribed antibiotics and sent on my way. I started taking the medication and the cramping went away and I almost completely stopped bleeding! Then this morning I had what was in the picture come out of me. I’m trying not to worry and I’m trying to tell myself it might not be a miscarriage, but I’m a first time momma and I’m terrified, especially since my first ultrasound is supposed to be tomorrow! Im praying for the best but I’m also preparing for the worst. If anyone has any thought about this please comment! Thank you!