overdue and in pain


I'm only 5 days overdue so I'm 40.5 weeks but let me tell y'all my body (lower half) is killin me softly lol my legs are starting to give out my pelvis is constantly aching when standing or walkin I have contractions once in a blue moon idk if I'm dialated I wasn't checked my last 2 visits I has fetal monitoring my last visit and was told oh you have a beautiful baby 😑 no one has even seen my baby since 20 weeks lol smh this peeing every hour thing at night is HIGLY AGGRAVATING it's so difficult to get out of my bed now it's crazy my stomach feels like it's going to break off I'm just ready for him to finally come out lol I'm getting induced Friday and now I'm PETRIFIED and don't want him to come out anymore 😂😂 ok rant over 😣 I'm such a baby 😔😔