Ruined Gender Reveal


So my 20 week ultrasound was today 😁😁 my fiance found out the gender, and was planning my gender reveal with my best friend.

In our relationship we get on each others phones and play around, so the rule was Kym (my best friend) couldn’t send a message with the gender in it, and Cory (fiancé) would delete any he sent. Well I was grabbing his phone to play on his Facebook cause mine is boring, and he asked me to wait. Of course I didn’t mind, so i hand him his phone and he deletes a message or two. He looks at me and says “whew that was close, the bottom one said it was a boy in it”


I’m not mad, but he still wants to throw me a gender reveal, and doesn’t Want me telling my best friend I know.

Is it right to still have a party when I know the answer? Or should I just go with it because it is making both of them happy?