Is it hard to conceive baby#2

Here is my story....... i’m 24yrs

I got married in 2013 and i got pregnant in my first cycle. I give birth to my son in January 2014 so here is where the story got twisted.

When my son was 5month old my husband moved to another country (USA) and he was away for 3 good years we haven’t meet. He use to call me every day, from morning till night.

Finally he came home, On october so since than we have been trying to have another baby and my son is almost 4yrs.

Me and my husband we want to have a baby so bad, but for last 2months was BFN’ my husband is going back after 2wks.

My heart is broken because my husband is leaving again and this is my last month of TTC, i just hope December is my month

😢😥😭😭 I’m dying 😵 slowly